Donation Guide

In general, the MV Big Flea accepts items that have resale value. In recent years, that has included electronics, furniture, antiques, collectibles, jewelry, kids items (toys, strollers), bicycles, household furnishings, sporting goods, artwork, small appliances and more. If you think your item can be resold, we’ll likely accept it.

We’ve also learned that some items just aren’t right for the MV Big Flea. As a result, we cannot accept the following items for donation:

- Books
– Clothing/linens
– Chandeliers/ceiling fans
– Upholstered furniture
– Stuffed animals
– Building supplies
– Cribs and Bed Frames (nice ones OK)
– Monitors and TVs (flatscreen OK)

To make a donation, schedule a pickup, or for more information, please contact

13 thoughts on “Donation Guide

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    • Defintitely. All we ask is that they come in a heavy box (e.g. wine box) that can be closed and stacked. Many thanks!

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  5. I teach ballroom dancing for the City of Aleaxandria…would a donation of two hours of private lessons in someone’s home be of value? Maybe a door prize?

    • Many thanks for your offer and your generosity, Kathy. We’d love to take you up on your offer, but I’m not sure that the Big Flea is the right venue. Once the Flea is over, please contact me (Joe LaMountain at and we’ll work something out. Thanks again.

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