MV Big Flea 2.0 – Start Your Engines!

keyLast year the Mount Vernon Community School in Alexandria’s Del Ray neighborhood organized a huge flea market fundraiser. Thanks to your support, the “MV Big Flea” raised more than $8,000 for the school’s important PTA programs.

We’re ready to start collecting “treasures” for this year’s event on April 26.

Here’s how it works: You donate items to the school PTA. We sell them and keep the proceeds. You receive a tax-deductible contribution. Together we improve the lives of public school students in Alexandria.

This year we’ll have several locations where you can drop off items (including Del Ray and Old Town, Alexandria). We will also be able to collect your treasures if you are somehow unable to drop them off.

I’ll be in touch shortly with more information on drop-off locations and times. However, if you have some valuable treasures that you just can’t wait to get rid of, let me know. We’ll find a way to take them off your hands soon.

Many thanks for your support. Now, let the collecting begin!

– – – – – – –

Joseph LaMountain
Junkmeister Extrordinaire
Mount Vernon Community School PTA
Alexandria, VA


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