Today’s Haul…

bush.jpgWow, what a busy day! About 15 families and individuals came by our drop-off facility on Payne Street in Old Town Alexandria. We collected and sorted a ton of great items. We received a nice television set, DVD player, VHS player and several stereo systems. We also collected a mess of kids toys and clothing, two nice wooden chairs, several small appliances and boxes of other household items.


I’ve photographed and included in this post several of them items we received. My absolute favorite? A life-sized blow-up punching bag in the likeness of President Bush! That should go quickly in this neighborhood. We also received a really nice set of nesting baskets that were purchased in Nantucket a number of years ago, nice pottery and a vintage 1980s Guess handbag (“Wake Me Up, Before You Go-Go”).

Many thanks to Jason Bruno, Mimi Carter and Gordon Lubold for helping to collect and sort all this stuff. And many thanks to those of you who contributed, including Patty Brady, Karen Sosnoski, Lee Perkins, Lynn Rogerson, Elizabeth Maier, Chris and Michelle Byrom, Carol Lyons, Charlie and Karma Brown, Mary Longacre, Eileen Campbell and many more (whose names I forgot to write down).

Purse BasketsTable

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