A Major Contributor

Kropp1With her donation on Sunday, Allyssa Kropp became the first person to make a contribution to both the 2007 and 2008 MV Big Flea. And to top it off, the stuff she’s given is great.

Kropp, an Army major, was raised in Maine and has lived in numerous places during her military career. After moving to a smaller home in northern Virginia, she realized it was time to downsize. But instead of a yard sale or Goodwill, she chose the Mount Vernon Community School PTA as her charity of choice.

Last year, Allyssa donated a wonderful antique church pew (which I would have gladly purchased myself if I had the space). She also donated two vintage green metal garden chairs, a few pieces of vintage wicker furniture, small household items and much more. So much more that it took 4 visits with my station wagon to collect it all.

Allyssa continued the trend in 2008 with another healthy donation. She donated nearly 100 compact discs and DVDs, a vintage “shabby chic” painted cupboard, a large African-themed vase, an Indonesian-style wooden screen and more. With friends like her, we’re guaranteed to exceed our 2007 totals.

To make a donation, please drop off your items at our storage facility this Saturday in Old Town between the hours of 9:30am and 12:30pm. You can also schedule a pick up using the form above or contact Joseph LaMountain at joseph.lamountain@gmail.com or at 202.288.5124.

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