Weekly Haul: We Got it All!

Table DeskIs this story starting to sound a little familiar? We were absolutely inundated this Saturday at our “now defunct” storage unit in Old Town. Channeling Fred Sanford seems to have done the trick.

Not only did a dozen families drop off their treasures at our storage unit in Old Town, we picked up monster-sized donations from half of dozen Alexandria families. We got so much stuff, we had to find a new storage facility!

tabel, tykesSerious, serious props are due to volunteers Mike Grainger, Paul Moniz, Mimi Carter, Chris Ammon, Gordon Lubold and Marc Shulwolf. They donated their Saturday morning to collecting, sorting and storting the various treasures we collected. After three hours, I was worried everyone was getting burned out. But Mimi ordered pizza and soon everyone was smiling once again.

The best donations? Well, Becky Deku literally donated an apartment full of everything imaginable while Vickie Sayce contributed a storage-unit full of gear. Paige McIntosh gave again, including a triple jogging stroller; Ginger Vallaster gave a beautiful cherry dining room table.

CurioNeed more details? Lisa and Rob Krupicka gave their garage as storage and a kids’ adirondack table, among other things; Mary Karstens gave a desk and furniture; Jennie Gordon a headboard and lamp; John and Gretchen Donaldson a minivan filled to the top; Kristi Herrick, the Daziens family and many more gave generously too.

But let’s not leave out the buyers! After all, they ultimately make the Big Flea a success. Check out Selene Gorman’s purchase of awesome vintage luggage. Jeanette Valdes bought our funky hair mirror and Jack Starry, who grew up in Del Ray but now lives in Baltimore, bought our Sirius radio and receiver. We’ve sold more than $500 worth of stuff.

OK, I am exhausted. Next week our drop off location will be on East Alexandria Avenue, at the home of Rob and Lisa Krupicka. Visit this site again for the exact location and directions. In the meantime, many thanks for your support and keep those donations coming!

BenchHP CopierRugStereo CabinetChairtonkaBartstoolwine rackStereo2Baby BeddingSyrianElmo

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