Community Leaders Promote MV Big Flea

WFUWe’ve hit the promotional jackpot this week! City Council members Justin Wilson and Rob Krupicka, The Campagna Center, Wake Forest Alumni Club of Washington, Alexandria Democratic Committee and Valley Drive Preschool have all agreed to promote the MV Big Flea to supporters.

Just this morning I received Councilman Wilson’s Council Connection newsletter (that’s him below). He urges constituents to put their treasures to good use by donating them to the Big Flea. Councilman Rob Krupicka has gone a step further, lending us his garage for storage! And the Alexandria Democratic Committee is promoting it through their weekly calendar. Many thanks for your important support!

JustinWe also appreciate the strong support of Alexandria’s Campagna Center. They’ve been helping kids in the city for more than 50 years, so their support lends vital credibility and visibility to the event. The center will soon send an email message promoting the MV Big Flea to more than 800 supporters in the area. Many thanks to CEO Karen Hughes, Board Member (and MVCS parent) Marcia Call and Marketing Director Bethany Nguyen.

Valley Drive Preschool has been educating kids in Alexandria for more than 50 years as well. Thanks to Diane Archer, Valley Drive families recently received an email message about the Big Flea. You can be sure that the baby strollers, changing tables, toys and other kids gear will be flowing our way. Thanks to Diane and Center Director Cindy Hodgkins for making it happen.

CampagnaSerious props are due to DC’s Wake Forest Alumni Club. They have chosen us as a service project for the University’s Pro Humanitate Day on April 12. Several thousand alums will be asked to donate items, make a financial contribution or volunteer. The club will also promote the Big Flea in the weeks leading up to the event. Many thanks to club leaders Debran McLean, Emily Beeler and Catharine McNally.

Please let me know if you’d like to promote the MV Big Flea to your supporters. We can be reached at 202.288.5124 or


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