We Got Fancy Stuff Too!

Waterford, VaseJust in case you were under the mistaken impression that the MV Big Flea was only about junk, I offer you the following: Over the last few weeks, we have acquired several (sniff, sniff), higher end items for your consideration.

I’ve already shared with you the lovely 19th century cane-seated rocking chair from the Shenandoah Valley. But those of you with more discriminating palates may also be interested in the Waterford Crystal, Lenox and Lladro porcelain, Indian jewelry and exquisite Chinese and Japanese pottery we’ve obtained.

We believe these items will fetch considerable sums in a well-advertised auction (I’m in my Leah and Leslie Keno mode). For this reason, we will most likely list them for sale on Craigslist or Ebay. If interested in a private viewing or price quote, please contact our Manger of Rare items, Lord East Cliff at 202.288.5124 or joseph.lamountain@gmail.com.

LladroIndianWaterford, Flag

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