Sales Top $1000, Donations Roll In!

China CabinetThis weekend’s donations much less frenetic than previous weeks, and that was partly by design. We’ve been so busy collecting items over the last few weeks, we decided to take a little bit of a break. But even though it was a little slow, we still managed to collect a number of really great items, especially for kids. We also made a large number of sales.

Of greatest interest was the Art Deco, Asian-influenced china cabinet donated by Shirley Marshall (and picked up by PTA President John Donaldson). It’s a really great piece that’s definitely going to generate some interest. Even better is that Shirley has a similarly designed chest of drawers to donate to the cause. Many thanks, Shirley!

JeepWe also picked up several large bookcases from the very patient Debby Bowman (she expected us to pick up these items last week) and a fantastic Tiffany-style lamp from Mary Ann Ring (be sure to watch our video featuring Mary Ann and volunteer Jennifer Greiner). Diane Archer donated a huge collection of LPs (more on that later), Paulette Burdette donated the remains of her yard sale and Vickie Sayce donated the final remains from her storage unit. MVCS Reading Teacher John Pearlman also deserves praise for volunteering on Saturday (and bringing some awesome apple bread).

In addition to donations, we wound up selling a large number of items, bringing our total sales to $1,083! This is a great start and represents nearly 15% of the amount we raised last year. So if you don’t have anything to donate, you can also help by purchasing some of the items we’re currently selling on Craigslist. To see what’s available, click on the “For Sale” sign in the left navigation bar of this website.

Bike blueAs for kids items, we obtained two boys bicycles in excellent condition, a huge box of Legos, a motorized Jeep, a high chair, an electronic swing, game, toys, changing table and much, much more. Many thanks, in particular, belong to Rob Krupicka and Lisa Guernsey for their donation of kids items (as well as storage space).

Our next donation day will be held on Saturday, March 8 at our storage facility at 409 E. Alexandria Avenue in Del Ray. If you plan to drop off, or if you need something picked up, please leave a comment on the site or contact me at 202.288.5124 or

Bauer BagDVRBike redHigh Chair2LegosBaby Bedding


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