MV Dads: Beefcakes on Display

DadsFive Mount Vernon dads flexed their collective muscle Saturday morning, picking up several truckloads of furniture for the April 26 Big Flea.

We were even treated to a Tony Little-style workout by Chris Ammon on a Carioglide Plus exercise machine we obtained (see video below).

Even though it was a crummy, wet and windy day, Peter Hayes, Chris Ammon, Jeff Hagler, Gordon Lubold and Mike Wilker showed up for duty.

The spent the morning driving thoughout the city picking up dressers, bookcases, rocking chairs, dining room chairs and then loading them into our now-crowded storage facility. Unfortunately, we were finished at 11:59am and just couldn’t bring ourselves to drink a beer “in the morning.”

“My quads are still burning,” Ammon said, “but I drive through the pain knowing all the good we’re bringing America’s youth.”

We have many opportunities to volunteer, so if you can lend a hand on Saturday morning, please give me a shout. You may even make it into one of my award-winning videos. You can reach me at or call 202.288.5124.

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