Saturday’s Furniture Frenzy

Chest, AntiqueHoly smokes did we pick up a lot of furniture this weekend! Thanks to the generosity of more than a dozen Alexandria (and Arlington) families, our second storage facility is nearly 50% filled!

One of the largest donations came from Loraine West of Del Ray. She donated a matching bedroom set that included a headboard, dresser, mirror and nightstand. Donna Gold donated a chest of drawers, bookcase and cabinet; Jen Atkins an entertainment center and huge TV; Linda Robinson and Carol Caldwell each Changing Tablegave a rocking chair. Others donating furniture include Mary Huber and Mike Wilker, Eileen Cassidy Rivera, Laura Castro, Sudie McGahuey and Mary Ann Restuccia. Whew.

While the Mount Vernon Dad Brigade was out picking up all these items, I was collecting items from nearly 10 additional families. We received a boombox, DVD/VHS player lamps, like-new vaccuums, books, toys, computer gear and much more. Many thanks to all those who gave, including Gina Miller, Mary Jensen, Ben Klein, Lori Timan, Ann Figura, Sarah Allen and Wanda Carter, Bill E. Clayton and Betsy Lording.Table, side tall

Even though the MV Big Flea is on April 26, we are selling selected items on Craigslist and, to a lesser degree, Ebay. This not only frees up valuable storage space, it provides us with a great opportunity to promote the event and secure more donations. To see what we currently have for sale, please click on the “For Sale” sign in the upper left section of the site.

Many thanks and happy junking!

CradleChest, WhiteHeadboardLampsRocker, wickerChairs, CoveredChair, UpholsteredRocker, MaternityCabinet, tallBookcase, tallBookcase, low white


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