Rise Up Against the Yard Sale!

revoltWarm weather is upon us. And for many, that means a yard sale is in the works. But have you ever thought about what a hassle a yard sale can be? It’s much easier to donate your items this Saturday, March 15, to the MV Big Flea.

As for yard sales, first you have to collect stuff to sell. Then you have to clean and price them. And don’t forget an ad in the Post. And signs around the neighborhood. Then, on the big day, you sit around and wait for people to show up and haggle with you over 50 cents. And when it’s over, you drag the leftovers back inside. And for what? A lousy hundred bucks (if you’re lucky). You can do better!

Washingtonians!  Rise up against the Yard Sale! Don’t waste your precious Saturday following the herd for a few measly bucks. Instead, collect those items and donate them to a local worthy cause: Alexandria’s public school students. And you? Sit around, read the paper, have another cup of coffee.

The MV Big Flea doesn’t simplify the yard sale process, it ELIMINATES it (this is starting to sound like an infomercial). All you have to do is collect your items and drop them off this Saturday, March 15, at 409 E Alexandria Avenue in Del Ray. No waiting, no haggling, no promoting. Just cold hard cash (in the form of a tax deduction).

What could be better? Seize back your Saturday. If you have questions, or have larger items to donate, please contact me at joseph.lamountain@gmail.com or 202.288.5124.


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