OMG…we got a $500 item!

Wilker12Are you sitting down (like Mike Wilker last Saturday)? Good.

On Saturday, we held our usual MV Big Flea donation extravaganza. We picked up items from families in Alexandria as well as Fairfax County and Arlington. About a dozen families also dropped off items at our storage facility. We received a lot of great items (about which I will write later), but one among them stood out.

I can’t go into too much detail at this point, but I’ve spent the last few hours in full “Antiques Roadshow” mode. I’ve researched this item on the internet. Authenticated it and found comparables. I even spoke on the phone with a nationally recognized expert in the field. The “consensus”?

500Dealers are selling this item online for prices ranging from $1,600 to $2,500. However, because we will want to sell it rather quickly, the expert with whom I consulted estimated that we could sell it rather quickly for $400-$500. Even if it sells at this lower price point, this represents 5% of our total sales last year.

OK, I know I am being a little cagey about this item. But I also want to make absolutely sure before I give more details. I also want to track down who gave this item so we can make sure we offer out profuse thanks.

Over and out.


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