This Week: Cat Butts, A Historical Print and Everything In Between

Cat ButtsIt’s not pretty, but that headline sums up what we collected during last Saturday’s donation day for the MV Big Flea.

Once again, about 20 families donated a wide array of items for the April 26 MV Big Flea, including a soon-to-be-revealed item worth at least $500.  Thank you to everyone that made a donation; unfortunately I was overserved the previous evening and was so tired that I forgot to write down names of those who donated.

Without a doubt, the “best” donation came from an anonymous Del Ray donor: a set of magnets depicting, yes, those ever popular feline rectums. “Yuck,” my six year old said succinctly.  Truly tasteless, these magnets retain their original packaging and would make a lovely gift for a cat-crazy ex-girlfriend, mother-in-law or other special someone.

Chest, Asian DecoWhile the Saturday morning crew of Gordon Lubold, Rob Guynn, Rob Carraway and John Delaney chuckled over the magnets (and several other items we received), I was salivating over some of the great artwork and furniture we received (such as the beautiful Art Deco/Asian-influenced chest of drawers at right donated by Shirley Marshall of Del Ray).

Among the artwork, the most exciting addition was a gorgeous 1831 hand-colored print of the United States Capitol (previous to the addition of the dome); A  a similar unframed version of the print is currently being sold online for nearly $100. We also received a very large self-portrait on cardboard (seen below) and several other original oil paintings of South America/Spanish provenance. Total score.

Art CardboardWe also received another fantastic old skool collection of 75 vinyl LPs, an art deco chest of drawers and several other great pieces of furniture, an Adirondack chair, steamer chest, several boomboxes and televisions, too many toys to list, a bicycle and tricycle, footlocker, portable space heater, vaccuum and so much more.

Once again, we’ve pretty much filled our storage space and are currently looking for some more. If you have some space to give, or would like to make a donation of items, please contact me at 202.288.5124 or Many thanks to everyone that gave their time and donations this week.

StrollerTable, stickleyTable, White smallTrike, GigiCoffee TableBike, Blue 2Boombox2Iron tablesvacuumCar SeatChair, WingbackHP PrinterMicrowavecradle2TelevisionsGolf BagSled


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