Buy This Table and Free My Soul!

table, cherryDo you ever feel as if your possessions are weighing you down? I can do you one better.

We recently received a very nice Queen Anne style cherry dining room table. With its leaf, the oblong-shaped table measures approximately 72″ long. It’s in very nice condition with a few scratches and scuffs that can be easily polished out. It is solidly constructed with detachable legs secured with strong bolts. All in all, it’s a great table and would make a wonderful addition to any home.  The cost is just $149.

The problem? It’s weighing me down, emotionally and physically. And keep in mind, I don’t even own it! I’m just its caretaker! Sure, I’m responsible for thousands of items we’ve collected for the Big Flea. But this table is a different than all the others. That’s why I’ve decided that it must be sold, and my soul set free.

What is it about this table? First of all, because it’s so nice, I’ve been hesitant to keep it with all our other stuff in storage, lest it be irreparably damaged. Second, it has been in the back of my station wagon for the better part of the last two weeks, seizing valuable space and incurring the mild wrath of my dear spouse.

I thought I sold it last week, but the dear buyers (to whom I am related by marriage), bailed at the last second. Please, no more teasing. If you even have a remote need for a fine cherry dining room table (and you know you do), please contact me right away. The time has come.

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