More Great Stuff and the Countdown Begins!

We held our last collection day on Saturday and we continued to receive some absolutely fantastic items. We were event treated to a virtuoso violin performance by Peter Hayes, a member of Del Ray’s renowned Irish Breakfast Band. Visit the site later this week for a video of this stunning performance on a rare Guarini violin we received as a donation.

On to the items we received today. How about a fantastic like-new Tavola glass table, made by Design Within Reach? The table retails for more than $800 and we will hopefully receive a nice price for it. The table, along with a funky 1950s style dining table and chairs, stereo equipment and Polk Audio surround sound system were generously donated by Stacey Kane of Silver Spring. She’s moving to Del Ray in May; what better way to make friends in the new hood?!

We also received a sweet Trek bicycle, antique John Deere-like tractor toy, children’s wicker chair, bookcases, tons of kids items, lots of great books, electronic equipment, DVDs, tall chest of drawers, violin, saxophone, clarinet, kitchen gear, antique sewing machine and dining room table with six chairs. Many thanks to those who donated, including the Davenport family, Debbie Christofferson, Marcia Carlson, Barbara Dill, Bill Brantley, Jen Desautels, Chris Philipson, Amanda Dietrich, Linda Robinson, Ann Panek, Diane Paulson, Kathy Bailey, Gladys Banks, Devin Reese, Katie Craun, Guy Whitlock and Tanya Wierzba (whew).

Of course, we couldn’t have collected all this gear with our trusty band of volunteers. This week was a large crew, including Chris Kaiser, Bill Walsh, Peter Hayes, Chris Ammon, Rob Guynn and Tom Bowman. Tom arguably had the best day, seizing for himself the most unlikely donation of the year – a 12-pack of Sam Adams. Maria Getoff was her usual fantastic self and Pat Miller saved the day by loaning us her truck.

Since we’re pretty much out of room, I’m thinking that this is going to be the last day of donations and collections until Friday, April 25. On Friday, we will be accepting donations all day at the Mount Vernon Community Center, where the MV Big Flea will be held the following morning. We’ve got a ton of great items from a ton of great people. Now we have to start building a crowd to buy all this stuff!


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