11 Days to Go, 36 Volunteers & One Coffee Fetcher

Moving, organizing and selling three garagefulls of treasures takes a lot of work.  That’s why with just 11 days remaining before the MV Big Flea, we’re spending most of our time recruiting volunteers.  And just in case you were wondering, that means YOU!

We estimate that we need at least 17 people on the floor of the event at any given moment; with three hour shifts, that means we need at least 50 people on Saturday plus an equal number on Friday to organize and price all this junk these wonderful treasures.  Though many have already signed up, we still need more people to volunteer for a three-hour shift.  Not only is it for a good cause, we’re going to make it fun.

Dan Solomon “signed up” to be this year’s “coffee fetcher,” one of our most critical positions given our   8am start time.  “I can think of no better way to help support the cause,” he said, “than dashing off bleary-eyed to Misha’s, our official coffee supplier, at 7am on a Saturday morning,” Dan said.  Other important jobs that need filling include organizers, movers, sorters and roamers.

Among those “taking one for the team” include: Amanda Lenk, Azeb Kifle , Brigid Schulte , Chris Ammon, Dan Solomon  , Davi McDonald, Hal Cardwell, Jane Richardson, Jen Greiner, Jenny Curry, Jill Ammon, Joe LaMountain, John Donaldson, JoMarie Hoholik , Karen Sosnowski , Karla Harr, Katherine Carraway, Kathy Flanigan, Larry Williams, Laura Dove, Margo Williams, Maria Getoff, Mary Huber, Marianne Bailey, Melissa Gouffray, Mike Grainger, Mimi Carter , Paige Granger, Patrice Linehan, Paul Moniz , Sabrina Detlef, Sharon Smith, Smitty Smith , Susan Rutherford , Tracy Enger and Tricia Waller.

To volunteer, please contact Mimi Carter at MCarter@virilion.com or 202.627.9748.  Many thanks for your ongoing support of this event.


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