WWFS (What Would Freud Say?)

My eyes opened wide and I stared at the clock. It had just struck 4am. With 11 days to go before the Big Flea, I dreamed we had too much stuff, not enough volunteers and too few buyers. The clock ticked as I tried to fall back asleep.

What would the famed interpreter of dreams say about this? In all likelihood, “You need help.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Will you please help us promote the MV Big Flea? We have created and posted on our website a new promotional flyer (in the Blogroll section at left). Please download it, print it and post it in your workplace or another visible location in your community.

Will you volunteer for a three-hour shift? We need at least 60 volunteers Friday and Saturday and currently have 36. Child care will be provided on Saturday and lunch on Friday. To sign up, please contact Mimi Carter at 202.627.9748 or MCarter@virilion.com.

I’m sure that’s not the kind of “help” Freud would recommend, but I know it would make me sleep better at night.

The MV Big Flea will be held Saturday, April 26 come rain or shine. Early admission is at 8am ($10) and general admission begins at 9am (free). At noon, everything is 50% off and at 2pm everything is FREE. The MV Big Flea will be held at the Mount Vernon Rec Center, 2701 Commonwealth Ave, in the Del Ray section of Alexandria.

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