“Where Are the Legos?” Consult Our Map!

I never would have imagined that so many adults would be interested in a box of Legos that will be at the MV Big Flea this Saturday. At least six people have contacted me about them, sending multiple emails asking if they could be purchased before the event.

To be honest, I was starting to get a little frustrated by all the email traffic. With approximately 2000 items to transport, organize, clean, arrange and price; 50 volunteers to recruit and organize; 25 signs to create and post around the neighborhood; and much more to do before the big event, a $19 box of Legos is, how shall I say this, not very high on my priority list.

But Shawn Lewis, after being told that the Legos could not be purchased before the event, asked a prescient question.

“Could you at least tell me where you will be set-up so I’m not looking everywhere?”

What a great idea! I’d planned on distributing a map at the event, but why not distribute it now??? That way, our Wild West/Gold Rush stampede on Saturday morning will be a little more….orderly?

You too can obtain a map of the floor plan, as well as the Big Flea “Rules of Engagement” by clicking here. This document will also be distributed on Saturday morning. But with 3 days advance notice, you’ll know exactly where to look for that special something.


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