It’s a Good Thing I Wasn’t Born a Girl…

Why does it feel like the 2009 MV Big Flea has already started? Maybe because people are already contacting me with stuff they want to donate for sale.

Each year it seems like we get started earlier and earlier. In 2007, our first year, we pulled this whole thing together in less than 8 weeks. In 2008, we started in February, four months before the event. And here we are selling stuff in November, six months in advance!

You know what my problem is? I just can’t say “no” to all these great treasures. If I was a girl, that could get me in a lot of trouble ( am I allowed to say that?).

This week, Todd and Kelley Schuerhoff of Del Ray donated a mess of great items. They’re renovating their basement and can’t wait to get rid of their 42″ Mitsubishi television, 15″ LCD television, stereo equipment, speakers and a nice Ikea wooden bench. Larry and Margo Williams are also donating a large cabinet, which I have yet to see, but I’m sure will be very nice. And Mark Higgans, who gave us some great items last year, is thinking about donating a green leather sofa.

Of course, I’m more than happy to take these items off their hands and offer them for sale to the fine citizens of Alexandria and beyond. After all, the proceeds from the sale of these items help fund important programs at the Mount Vernon Community School in the Del Ray section of Alexandria. Just click on the “For Sale” sign and the Ebay link at left.

I’ll continue to sell items throughout the holidays (provided people keep donating stuff), so keep visiting this page. Better yet, join our Facebook group for advance notice of sales and FREE early admission to our sale on April 25. Sayonara!



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