OMG…Can It Be???

openYes sirreee! We’re back and once again ready to accept your treasures!

I know, I know…it’s hard to believe. But Mount Vernon Community School parents are a diligent, industrious group! Even though the MV Big Flea won’t be held until April 24th, we’re ready to start accepting your donations and selling them from our website (think of it as the pre-Flea).

Now in its fourth year, the Big Flea has raised $37,197 for Alexandria public school students. We’ve done it by shamelessly begging and pleading for the treasures hiding out in your attic, basement and closets. We’ve then sold them at a fantastic markup and spent the proceeds to improve our schools. Best of all, you get a tax break (and a cleaner house) when you make a donation!

Our goal is to punch through the $50,000 barrier in 2010. To reach this lofty goal, we’ve got to start cracking. That’s why we’re now accepting your donations and selling them online. Over the years, we’ve received collectibles, small appliances, electronics, bicycles, kids gear, furniture, sporting equipment, home furnishings and much, much more. Your generosity has made this event a smashing success and we want that to continue in 2010.

Do you have treasures to donate? Let us know and we’ll take them off your hands! Unfortunately, there are some items we cannot accept, but in general we will take just about anything of value. To donate, please contact the MV Big Flea Curator Cynthia Webster at or at 703-549-3501.

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