Keep On Rockin’ with Great LP & CD Deals!

I know that CDs are somewhat passe these days.  And as for LPs….you know, records?  Well, you practically have to be a dinosaur if you ever had an LP in your life!

But for those of us still in love with these old skool formats, have we got some deals for you.  The MV Big Flea recently received several hundred compact discs and long-playing record albums.  We’re still going through them all, but what a great collection we’ve got!  Mostly rock and roll from the 1970s and 1980s, there are also a smattering of jazz, folk, soundtracks, compilations and more.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be listing these items for sale, mostly grouped in similar categories.  So if you’re looking for some early 1970s reggae vinyl or a 10-CD set of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, come back soon.  You can see what’s currently for sale by clicking on our “For Sale” banner at left.  And if you just can’t wait and need to know NOW what we have, contact Joe LaMountain at

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