My Sweet Cans…FOR SALE

In the 1970s there was a beer can collecting craze and as a red-blooded American boy, I got hooked.

So did my fellow MV Community School parent Doug Rutherford.   And despite the greatest of odds, about 125 cans from those once-majestic collections have followed us into adulthood.

But now we’re done and the wives are rejoicing and the thought of them leaving our homes.  The two collections have been combined into one, and are now ready for release into the hands of a new generation.

Let’s be honest.  While this is a great collection, they’re not really worth a lot of dinero.  But we just know that there’s a guy out there who needs to decorate his man cave, or kid who will catch the bug like we dd 30 years ago.

There are about 125 cans, half of which are foreign and half from the United States.  Most are from late 70s or early 80s.  They’re dusty, a few are dinged up and others have humidity spots.  But in general they’re in pretty nice shape.

If you’re interested, please contact Joseph LaMountain at and make me an offer i can’t refuse.


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