My Giant Iron Rooster (and $6,000)

The MV Big Flea had another strong day of donations and sales yesterday.  We sold $415 worth or merchandise at our “store” (1219 First Street, Alexandria), bringing the total amount we’ve raised to $6,000!

We also received a ton of great donations.  Among my favorites?  A beautiful antique sideboard, a sideboard and hutch, foosball table, high-end Graco baby stroller, artwork, a 37-piece set of handmade Mexican dishware, small appliances, electronics, toys and games, garden gear and more, more, more!

But my personal favorite is the cast iron rooster.  But Mimi and the girls have already said, “no way, Jose.”

So many people dropped by yesterday, it’s hard to keep track of who was there.  Lori Ludwig donated for the third straight week while Susan and Doug Rutherford made their second stop.  Jeff Asch and Azeb Kifle, Justin Wilson and Alex Crawford Batt, Kim Winters and Beth Temple were just a few who gave generously yesterday.

We’ll be open next Saturday, March 27, for another day of donations and sales.  Please come visit us at 1219 and be sure to bring some items to donate, not to mention cash for some goodies you can’t live without!

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