Please Don’t Tell My Wife About This Place…

So I dragged 8 guys out of the house on Saturday morning.  They were there to help me empty the contents of a home in Beverly Hills.  Unfortunately, it didn’t really pan out and nearly everyone got out of bed for nothing.

But a few of them made it to the Flea Shoppe.  They were amazed with what they saw.

“Please don’t tell [wife’s name] about this place,” one said with utter seriousness.  He knew she’d catch the bug.  And who wouldn’t?

It’s our fourth year, and we’ve got this down to a science.  But what makes this year’s Flea so special is our storage space, otherwise known as the Flea Shoppe.

We’ve filled four rooms with goodies: High quality furniture, household goods, electronics, toys and more.  We’re taking donations and making sales from 2-4pm every Saturday before the Big Flea on April 24th.

And cheap!  Today Maria Getoff and Peter Hayes bought a a leather-style club chair with ottoman, in perfect condition, FOR $99!!!  Come see for yourself.

We got several truckloads of donations today, mostly nice furniture.  Our sweetest grab was a modern black leather-style sofa (a la Maurice Villency), two leather-style Ottomans, a federal-style sideboard with brass hardware, another dining room set, dining room chairs, gardening equipment, toys, kids gear…the list goes on.

Wake up, Ladies! There’s a reason why your husband doesn’t want you coming here.  He hates it when you spend money, I get that.  But good deals are hard to find!  Think of how much money you’ll save.  Don’t wait until the MV Big Flea on Saturday, April 24th.  NOW is the time to act!

We promise not to tell your husband!

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