We Heart the Elands!

This is what I absolutely love about the MV Big Flea.

On Saturday, Bridget and Shawn Eland stopped by to see if we would accept a couple shelving units. They heard about the Flea from coworker Barbara Fox, who donated some nice furniture a few weeks ago. Since Bridget and Shawn live across the street, they decided to donate to our worthy cause.

And did they ever donate. It turns out that Shawn and Bridget are moving back to Wisconsin and they had an apartment of items to give us. In addition to 6 shelving units, they donated a leather-style club chair with ottoman, two more ottomans, a swish leather-style sofa (as seen in photo), a desk and two barstools and more!!!

Best of all, they were all in perfect condition! Bridget even insisted on wiping them down before taking them to the Flea Shoppe!  Now that’s what I call taking care of your things!

Many thanks to Bridget and Shawn for their very generous donation, as well as to Barbara Fox for sending them our way. Please spread the word and help us collect even more great items for our huge event on April 24th!


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