Alexandria Bans Yard Sales in April

The Alexandria City Council passed unanimously an ordinance prohibiting yard sales in the city limits for the month of April, 2010.

The decision was widely seen as an effort to increase donations of items to the MV Big Flea, Alexandria’s premier charity flea market fundraising event.

“The educational success of our children is paramount,” said one member during Council deliberations.  “It’s imperative that Council do everything it can to support schools, PTAs and parents.  This new policy is one small way we can help.”

The ordinance, which takes effect on April 1, will be in effect for the entire month. It was originally proposed by the city’s Youth Policy Commission as a way to improve the lives of Youth in Alexandria.  Those found in violation of the law face a summons and a fine not to exceed $100.

“We’re thrilled with the Council’s action,” said Big Flea Prankster Joseph LaMountain.  “As we’ve said all along, yard sales are a big waste of time.  It’s so much easier to donate items to the MV Big Flea, and take a tax deduction, than organize a sale.  We’re glad Council agrees and has taken this important action.”

The MV Big Flea will be held on April 24, 2010.  A special preview will be held on Friday, April 23.  Donations are being accepted from 2-4pm on Saturday April 3, 10 and 17 at our storage facility at 1219 First Street in Alexandria; donations can also be made from 9am – 3pm on Friday, April 23 at the MV Rec Center.


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