Joggers, Strollers and Toys (Oh, My!)

Ladies and Moms of all stripes and colors!  Pay heed!

Over the last few months, we’ve waxed rhapsodic about the wonderful furniture and household items we’ve received as donations.  But during that same period of time, we’ve been collecting tons of items that every baby, child and kid needs.

From a Moses basket and bassinet, to Maclaren baby strollers and joggers, car seats, bicycles, kids furniture, toys and games…we’ve got it all!  And every last item we’ve collected will be sold on April 24th at the MV Big Flea.

Why spend $89 on a brand new bike when you can get a gently used version for $39??  Why spend $199 or more on a jogger stroller when you can get one at the Big Flea for $79?  And talk about deals, most of our toys, games and other items are in the $5-10 range.  You can really save a bundle!

To get the best deals, come to The Fleaview on Friday and get a sneak peek at everything that’s for sale.  All Fleaview attendees receive FREE early admission to the Big Flea on Saturday and first crack at all our great deals.  If you can’t make the Fleaview, make sure to come to the Big Flea on Saturday morning at 9am.

The images below represent a fraction of the items that will be for sale at the MV Big Flea.


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