Our Most Valuable Donation Ever!!!

The MV Big Flea is excited to report that it sold a commercial-grade nut roaster for $1,500.

This nearly triples our previous record for the most valuable item we’ve received, a rare 19th century Audubon print we sold for more than $500.

The nut roaster was donated by Amanda Lenk, whose daughter attended the Mount Vernon Community School.  Lenk obtained the nut roaster last year in an auction of commercial grade kitchen supplies.

“I really wanted the Hobart commercial grade mixing machine,” Amanda said, “but the nut roaster came with it in a package deal.”  Since Amanda didn’t have any interest in opening a nut shop, or whatever, she donated the nut roaster to the MV Big Flea.

The roaster, which sells for $3,200 when new, was manufactured by The Nutty Bavarian.  It was purchased through an online auction on Ebay by Mr. Ken Miller of Ellisville, Missouri.

“We can’t express enough our appreciation for Amanda’s incredible donation,” said MV Big Flea spokesperson Joseph LaMountain. “Thanks to her generosity, we’ve topped $10,000 in sales for this year’s event. We’re also poised to break our all-time record of $18,226 in sales (2008).”


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