5 Gems Hidden Among the Junque….

Looking for a great bargain?  We’ve got them!  And to make things even more interesting, we’ve decided to offer ridiculously low prices on 5 great items at the MV Big Flea!  We call them our “gems among the junque.”

We’ll place these items in plain view with all our other treasures.  If you’re the first one to find it, it’s yours!  What better incentive to come to The Fleaview or early admission to the MV Big Flea!

Here’s our super duper bargains:

1. Sex in the City DVDs (Seasons 1-6) – $9 (retail value $100+)

2. Vintage Longaberger Basket – $19 (retail value of $100+)

3. Vintage Coach Shoulder Bag – $9 (retail value $65)

4. French Crystal Bowl (w/tag) – $9 (retail value $59)

5. Lego Bionicle (Battle of Metru Nui) – $9 (retail value $59)

Of course, we’ll have many other gems among the junque.  So don’t miss The Fleaview this Friday for a sneak peek at everything that’s for sale and, of course, the Big Flea on Saturday morning!


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