Pimping the Gentle Giant

The Big Flea owes a lot of thanks to a lot of people.  But no one is more deserving of our appreciation than Gentle Giant movers (http://www.gentlegiant.com/).  Hence this message.

Did you see how much junque we collected?  It literally filled an 18-wheeled tractor trailer.  And all of those items were moved from our storage unit to the MV Rec Center by Gentle Giant Movers.  For FREE.

But most importantly, the Gentle Giant team were top-notch professionals.  If you need a moving company, call Branch Manager Kieffer Karim at Gentle Giant.  They have offices all across the country and can help with any job.  Here’s his contact information:

Kieffer Karim
Branch Manager
Phone: (703) 372-2589
Fax: (703) 372-2588

Many thanks for your support of the MV Big Flea.  Since 2007 we’ve raised $62,862 for the education and enrichment of Alexandria public school students.

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