We Sold a Rare CD Single for $300!!!

The MV Big Flea is happy to report that is has sold a rare promotional CD single for $300.  The CD single was donated by Mount Vernon Community School Parents Mike and Paige Grainger.

The CD single is by  Pearl Jam and was released in 1992 before they hit the big time.  The CD was produced in extremely small quantities and is considered extremely rare by collectors of the band’s material.

It was sold to a Pearl Jam collector in the United Kingdom who stated that he was “exceptionally keen to add this to my collection.”  Click here to see the buyer’s extensive collection of Pearl Jam material.

I am wondering how Mike and Paige are going to react to this sale.  My guess is that they had no idea that a rare CD was lurking among the 350 compact discs they generously donated to the Big Flea.  Also included in the lot was a rare promotional disc by the band XTC that we are currently selling on eBay.

What do you have lurking about in your attic??  Even if you think it’s junk, please consider donating it to the MV Big Flea and helping to fund education and enrichment programs for Alexandria city public school students.


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