A $1,000 (Longaberger) Basket Case…

Evey year I get like this. We’re three weeks out, and I start to worry about the MV Big Flea.

Will we have enough stuff to sell? (The warehouse looks a little empty to me.) Will we reach our fundraising goal? (We still have $11K to go.) Will it rain on April 30th?

In other words, I’m basket case.

But baskets seem to be our business lately. 95 Longaberger baskets, to be precise. That’s what we recently received as a donation; I was shocked to see how much they sell for on Ebay!

So that’s exactly where we’ve listed our collection for sale . Is $1,000 for 95 baskets a pipe dream? Stay tuned (and thank you to our generous donor, who remains nameless).

Remember, this Saturday is one of our last Shop N Drop days. Stop and unload a few items, or browse through our marvelous merchandise and buy a few things you don’t need. We’re located at 719 N Saint Asaph Street in Old Town and open from 2-4pm.  All the cool kids are doing it!

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