Gentle Giants with Giant Hearts

Matt and Kiefer

Each year MV Big Flea volunteers collect donated items to sell at our spring event. We keep them in storage for weeks and move them to the Mount Vernon Recreation Center the day before the big sale.

Given the huge volume of items, and their extreme value, we are extremely discriminating when selecting a moving company to assist us with this task.

While we take many things into consideration, our decision really boils down to how the prospective company answers one important question: “Will you do it for free?”

We’re extremely pleased once again to name Gentle Giant Moving Company the official moving company of the 2011 MV Big Flea. The business, managed by Matt Packebusch and Kieffer Karim, is located in Washington, DC and Lorton, VA and have been in business for nearly 30 years.

“We greatly appreciate their willingness to help us on this important charity event,” said MV Big Flea spokesperson Joseph LaMountain. “Moving mountains of material isn’t an easy task. Thanks to Matt and Kieffer’s generosity, getting all our junque to the MV Rec Center won’t be hard on our wallets either.”

If you’re in need of a moving company, please contact Matt or Kieffer toll-free at (800) GIANT-MEN or via email at


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