Shop. Drop. Shop N Drop!

It was beautiful, but it's over.

This Saturday, Dec. 10, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., is Big Flea’s first Shop N Drop of the season. For the moment, we’re taking stuff at 406 E. Mason Ave. You can make donations here, of course, but you can buy things, too.

Hey, can we talk about donations for a second?

The spirit of generosity with these things is often overwhelming. Sometimes so much so that we end up with stuff we can’t resell, like mattresses and upholstered furniture, or things that — we need to be honest here — no one is going to buy. That CRT monitor or your old tube TV? We just can’t seem to move those. That TV armoire that you can’t use now that you have a flatscreen? Maybe someday we’ll have the space to build a barn out of all of those, but for now, please, no.

Here’s a list of other stuff, compiled by a Flea operative, that for one reason or another, just isn’t right for Big Flea.

  • Books
  • Clothing/linens
  • Chandeliers/ceiling fans
  • Stuffed animals
  • Building supplies
  • Cribs, mattresses, and bed frames

Here’s something we could really use: A car. Last year we gave away a 1986 Volkswagon Cabriolet, and it would be presumptuous to assume we’d get another ride that sweet, but a flea market can hope, can’t it? And of course, mugs. Stereo equipment. Kayaks. Mid-century modern furniture. Ice cream makers. You get the idea.

See you Saturday!


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