Another Shop N Drop this weekend!

This weekend, MV Big Flea moves into a new space. Come christen it with your junk! That’s right, on Saturday, Jan. 21, you can drop off donations at our new warehouse at 3813 Mt. Vernon Ave., in the same shopping center as MOM’s Organic Market and CVS. The hours are 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., and donation guidelines are the same as last time.

Early reports on the space are that the front door is “tricky” and lighting is not excellent. If you’re a lawyer, particularly one with a booming personal injury business, we strongly encourage you to let us carry your donations inside.

But remember, it’s not all donations at Shop N Drop! We’re selling as much as we can before the flea market, and Saturday will offer you an opportunity to purchase things before your neighbors get their paws all over them.

For example, this candid photo of the first President Bush, surely a rarity in Del Ray.

You really could own this bad boy. Also: It’s stamped “official”!

Another intriguing possibility: This car seat, which Big Flea legend maintains is a third row for a Honda CR-V.

You can pay upward of $900 for a new one of these, or just come down and make us an offer.


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