Shop N Drop tomorrow: Meet the Flea Car! (Maybe)

Not promising anything, but it’s entirely possible that at tomorrow’s Shop N Drop you will be able to check out the car we’ll be raffling off at this year’s Big Flea. Early reports from a test drive by the Big Flea Pit Crew are promising: “Drives like a charm,” reports Crew Chief Art Witebsky. “This is the perfect car for a commuter, student or someone who wants to spruce up a great car.  The manual transmission can take you back to a time when driving was driving and all other distractions were non existent.”

I’m not saying it’ll definitely be there at the Shop N Drop tomorrow, but if you don’t come, you won’t find out.

The particulars are the same as usual: Saturday from 2-4 p.m. in the former Fashion K City space at 3815 Mt. Vernon Ave. Bring anything. Well, almost anything. And if you don’t want to drop stuff off, you can buy stuff. We take credit cards as well as folding money. Can’t make it at all? Check out our Craigslist offerings.

We’re still looking for volunteers, too; hit this link to painlessly sign up to help out at a Shop N Drop or at the Flea itself. Again, I don’t want to promise too much, but T-shirts might be involved.


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