Penultimate Shop N Drop today!

3815 Mt. Vernon Ave., 2-4 p.m. After today’s Shop N Drop, you’ll have one more chance next Saturday to haul your donations down to our warehouse space. Or if that’s not convenient, we’ll come to you! Just email and we’ll send a smiling crew of Del Raysers to your house to pick up your stuff (just check our donation guidelines here).

Also! We are looking for volunteers for the Big Day on May 5, as well as an army of people to help set up on May 4. Just click this handy link to volunteer your time. There are T-shirts involved…

Finally, just a note on the Flea Car: There are only 500 raffle tickets available for this beauty, at $10 apiece. Someone is going to be tooling around the neighborhood in a car they got for less than it costs to take the fam to Five Guys! And like the proceeds from the Flea itself, all the money raised by the raffle will benefit the Mount Vernon Community School PTA. Come see the car at the Shop N Drop, and good luck!

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