Last Shop N Drop this Saturday! Bust out those antiques!

If you’ve been waiting to donate to the Big Flea, wait no longer! The very last Shop N Drop is this Saturday, April 28, from 2-4 p.m. at our warehouse space at 3815 Mt. Vernon Ave.

(Of course you can always arrange a pickup: Email us and we’ll send a team of ruthlessly efficient Del Ray types to your residence instead)

We can take most things (there are only a few categories of items we can’t sell). Today, I’m writing to ask for your antiques. Are there things in your house you kinda hate but are being held in place by guilt and/or inertia? Would knowing that the proceeds from selling them will go entirely to benefit Mount Vernon Community School’s PTA get them unstuck? We can find a new home for your great-aunt’s sideboard, your mother’s china, or the family Christmas-tree stand you replaced with a superior plastic model years ago. Throw them in the car and head down Saturday! We’ll even help unpack.

Also, we still have volunteer spots available for both Friday, May 4, and Saturday, May 5: The day of the Big Flea! Sign up here.


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