Join the happy Shop N Drop crew!


If anyone wants to experience what community is about, come volunteer at the Big Flea Shop N Drop on Saturdays. If you drive the van around (Like Jeff Chiow did-alone this past weekend!), you will pick up donations from people who are ecstatic at the fact that you are taking stuff off their hands. Then you’ll drop their stuff at the Shop and see people equally as happy to pay for the same stuff!

Nothing makes us Flea people happier than seeing stuff come in the door and go out the door on the same day. If you work in the Shop you will see that you are making people happy with great stuff at cheap prices. You will see people happy to have found the perfect something that was not perfect any longer for someone else.

You will see people like Cathy Petrini and Lisa Krupicka (and her great kids) working non-stop at organizing donations. You will see people like Jim Sample moving furniture and helping customers pack their cars with Big Flea purchases. It really is fun and we promise you will feel a great sense of pride and community!

Bring your kids and teach them about community and volunteering! Bring your friends and show them how great the MVCS community is.

Maybe even pass on a word of thanks to the Big Flea Team of Cynthia Webster, Art Witebsky, Stephanie Sample, Andrew Beaujon, Caroline Jackson, Phil Savarie and Shawn Parish for working quietly and tirelessly behind the scenes in assuring that the Big Flea is a rousing success and enables the MVCS PTA to support the school programs.

Hey, just come spend a day at the Big Flea Shop and meet some of the “swell” folks with have in the MVCS community!


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