Thanks to everyone who helped out this past weekend

We’ll have another Shop N Drop next Saturday, March 9, from 2-4 p.m. at our storefront space, 3815 Mt. Vernon Ave. But this weekend’s SND was such a success we just had to say a special thanks.

Fearless Fleader Art Witebsky writes:

At the Big Flea on Saturday, as a portent of what was to come, MVCS student Jordy Chavez walked in the front door and said, “I’m here to help!” I couldn’t help but smile!! He went right to work moving boxes. Jordy was an impressive worker and volunteer. He certainly gets the Big Flea volunteer of the week award!!!!! (Cynthia Webster is the default winner of the volunteer of the week award for all that she does each and every week) Then Yon Lambert walked in and asked, “What do you need me to do?” Then Ed Sutherland walked in and said, “What do you need?” Then Roy Quini and Tim Shaw walked in and said, “We’re here to do the pickups.” Then Elizabeth Schilling introduced herself and asked Cynthia Webster, “What can I do?” Then Carrie Beach walked in. Then Phil Savarie walked in. Then Andrew Beaujon walked in. Then Caroline Jackson walked in. Then Stephanie Sample walked in. Thanks to Jim Sample for getting the car to the shop and getting signage printed!! We had a steady stream of greatness walking in on Saturday. All of these volunteers were so great to give their time and energy to the Big Flea and the school. They boxed, moved, cleaned, hung pictures and did everything that could have been asked of them. The Shop looks better than ever as a result of their efforts. It was great to have so many volunteers at the Shop doing so much.

The highlight however was…the kids. Sadie Lambert, Lauren Sutherland, Katie Witebsky and Andrew Witebsky sold cookies and raffle tickets at the Shop. They did an amazing job on Saturday.

Thanks even to this unsavory character!

Thanks even to this unsavory character!

Roy and Tim had the most eventful afternoon…the Big Flea van broke down. Despite this they still managed to complete all of the pick ups!!! We can’t thank them enough for their dedication and for putting up with so many struggles.

And to the many people who donated items. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

If you see these great folks around school and town, please thank them for all that they did and do for the school and the community.

From the raffle sales, bake sale, and merchandise sale on Saturday we made about $900!!


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