Flea report: Saturday, March 9

The Big Flea rose early on Saturday. Shawn Parish was at the Farmer’s Market in Del Ray showing off the Big Flea car, selling raffle tickets and promoting the Big Flea. MVCS student Jacob Parish showed up and helped Mom hand out Big Flea Flyers at the market. Special Thanks to Pat Miller for allowing us to showcase the car at the Farmers Market.

photo 2

Later in the day, we had Lucy and Bea Savarie selling Girl Scout Cookies and handing out Big Flea Flyers at St. Elmo’s. Awesome stuff!

At 2:00 the Big Flea Shop opened and almost from the get-go the shop was rocking!!! Again the first person in the Shop was MVCS student Jordy Chavez — ready to help again! Sarah Savarie of PS Cakes donated cupcakes to sell. Lucy Savarie, Katie and Andrew Witebsky did some super selling of the cupcakes and raffle tickets in the Shop! Alyssa Simm, Kim Fondren, Elizabeth Davenport, Tony Springer and Ursula Rocha all gave of their time on Saturday and worked in the Shop this weekend.

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

It was a good thing they did because the Big Flea racked up $1,600 in sales!!! It was busy, busy , busy!!! Sales to date are getting very close to $7,000. Tony Springer and Mr. Everything Phil Savarie did pick ups and along the way picked up stuff from wonderful PTA Treasurer Summer Noel, who had a car packed full of donations for the Big Flea — and a dead battery. She called the crack staff at the Big Flea Shop and Superman Phil Savarie was dispatched to the rescue. He unloaded the donations from her car and at the same time jump-started her car. Thanks to Summer for the awesome donations and thanks to Phil for being everywhere on Big Flea Saturday.

A round of applause for Caroline Jackson, Stephanie Sample, Shawn Parish, Phil Savarie and Cynthia Webster. They do so much day in and day out to assure the success of the Big Flea. They give their time and energy to the Big Flea, the school and ultimately everyone’s kids. They really do deserve a big “Thank You”!

Help is needed: please, please, please schedule yourself for one weekend of work at the Big Flea shop and please schedule yourself to work on May 4th at the Big Flea! Email cbjackson013@gmail.com to volunteer.


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