A Big Flea Thank You!


Yet again, the 2014 Big Flea was a huge success. When it was all over, over $24,100 was collected — well past the goal of $16,000. Over $20,000 will go directly to the MVCS PTA!

The Flea would not have been possible without all the parent and community volunteers and local businesses who donated time, money and services.  Here’s how it all went down:

The 2014 Big Flea weekend officially started Thursday night when Greg Ruff, Caroline Jackson, Jim Sample, Katie Briscoe, and Sabrina Detlef, Andrew Beaujon and Art Witebsky muscled boxes into trucks and onto trailers and moved them from the shop to the Rec Center.


On Friday, the Gentle Giants showed up at the Rec Center with a truck at 9:30 am and continued to show up right up until the last of 6 truck loads of stuff from the shop.


Several stories of dedicated volunteerism came from Cathy Petrini, Amy Smucker and Cynthia Webster. Amy changed flight departure times on Friday so she could stick around in the morning to help with the set up!!! Cathy Petrini made a cameo appearance at the Big Flea. Her son has moved on from MVCS but she continues to show support. Cynthia returned from Big Flea retirement to help out again. Proof that once the Big Flea is in your blood you can never leave it. Rosa Landeros and John Perlman again dedicated themselves, as they have for several years, to helping make the Big Flea a success.



Former student Jacob Parish was incredible in that he worked set up Friday and then begged his parents Brad and Shawn to come Saturday to help as well. He put in a hard two days of work. He and his parents were so crucial to the 50/50 raffle and so much more.


On Saturday, Art Witebsky and Jim Sample showed up at 6 a.m. to set up. At 7, the early birds arrived to start shopping. General admission started at 8, everything was half off at 10:45, and finally at noon everything was free!  Hard to believe that the gym was completely emptied by 2:00pm!!!!


Aside from the money that was raised, the sense of common purpose and community that permeates through the rec center is just tremendous. It’s what makes the Big Flea so special.

We also $132 received in donations to the Art Department from Sarah Bukowski’s Face Painting Tent. The MVCS Student Council with advisors Marissa Yzita and Fabiola Bustios came up with and implemented their book sale tent with so much enthusiasm and success. Their book sale raised $316.61.

The volunteers who worked throughout the year and this past weekend all gave so much of their time to the Big Flea and the school. It’s so hard to say that anyone did anymore than anyone else but there were five people who really, really, really gave so much and did so much to make the Big Flea a success. The five leaders of the Big Flea…Art Witebsky, Katie Briscoe, Greg Ruff, Stephanie Sample and Caroline Jackson. This is where the applause and the kneeling before them should begin!

And a very special thank you to:

  • Christi Hart and Star Catering for again donating super awesome bag lunches for the Friday volunteers.
  • Jen Walker and Bobi Bomar committed $1,000 each to the Big Flea! Jen Walker created the Big Flea Shopping bags which are sure to become collectors items. They continue to show such great support of the PTA and the Big Flea.
  • Gentle Giants were incredible! Their crew moved all of that stuff from the shop to the Rec Center on Friday. So incredible what they do for us each year.
  • Virginia Amos donated boxes from Barnes & Noble throughout the year.
  • The Mount Vernon Village Shopping Center was so gracious in donating the space for the shop.
  • Affordable Signs and Graphics donated beautiful new banners to the Big Flea.
  • Caboose Cafe donated coffee and baked goods to keep our Friday volunteers fueled.
  • Campagna Center and the Campagna Kids for creating our signage throughout the Rec Center.

Thank you to all of the volunteers, families, kids, teachers, administrators, community partners and the Del Ray community for making the Big Flea a success. Go MVCS PTA!


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